Tum Sun Live at UTA Planetarium

Tum Sun Live at UTA Planetarium Poster

Join us for an evening of food, drinks, and live music featuring artist Tum Sun. Appetizers are included with the price of admission. Tum Sun is the project of composer and multi-instrumentalist John Paul Thompson. Blending piano, strings, and woodwinds with a palette of synthetic sounds, Tum Sun performs instrumental ambient music in the electro-acoustic style of post-classical artists such as Nils Frahm, Ólafur Arnalds, & Eluvium. Tum Sun’s first album A Tree Hollow, released on Whitelabrecs in 2023, was described as "an opus in pastel colors, an ode to existence and its little moments of respite that compels us to move forward and take hold of the future in a more serene way." (SilenceAndSound, 2023)